PA-CT Community Hubs 

PA-CT Community Hubs are a welcoming and friendly space for you to learn more about yourself and creating positive change after experiencing difficulties with mental wellbeing.  Space to explore the things that hold you back and what might transform your life going forward.

They offer an opportunity for some great conversations with one-to-one guidance and advice combined with community based groups and activities. A chance to learn and practice what works for you, while also working, sharing and learning alongside others.

There are a range of informal groups arranging visits and talks, access to short workshops and courses designed around your own needs and interests, covering topics like Self Care, Creative Writing, Gardening, Preparing for Work and Yoga for Wellbeing as well as more formal training that could see you becoming a Peer Supporter or more formal Volunteer.

You are in the driving seat, we want to work with you to help figure out your best route forward, identifying your skills and assets, the different things on offer and who else can give support along the way..... developing skills to help you well into the future!

All our work is based on  PA-CT (our Practice Based Approach to Community Transformation) Click Here

Some restrictions apply with certain Hubs more directed to young people, those seeking employment or with particular postcodes.  See additional information or contact us to discuss eligibility.

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